Using a Text Correction Service With Trove

A spell checker is software that can detect and correct misspellings in your text. Many email clients and word processors have this feature built-in. These services can also be found in electronic dictionaries and search engines. Using a spell checker can save you a great deal of time and effort.

When using a text correction service, it's important to follow the original document layout. This will improve the readability and searchability of the document. Typically, the system will prompt you to save your work every five minutes so that changes are immediately made. Make sure to check the 'This block is completely correct' check box when you're finished making corrections.

You may also want to check the accuracy of the text you've transcribed. If you find an error, you can easily correct it by moving it to the next line or the preceding one. Just make sure that the new line matches the original one. It's also important to ensure that the transcribed text is in the correct reading order.

Once you've made changes, you can view them in Trove's Text Corrections section. Using the 'Added within' drop-down menu, you can filter the edits by time period. Each entry represents an editing session, from the time you started editing to the time you saved. If you edit the same article multiple times, multiple entries will appear in the text corrections section.